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HISEA Boots Review | HISEA vs Muck vs Bogs

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We take Muck boots, Bogs, and a new player to the field, HISEA, head to head in our farm boot challenge! Here is our full HISEA boots review and how they stand up against Muck and Bogs.

Good Farm Boots are a MUST!

We keep our farm apparel pretty minimal. Make what you have last. Find things second hand. Sometimes we even just go without.

But, quality farm boots are the one thing we NEVER skimp on!

When it comes to slinging cow pies, slupping through freshly thawed mud fields, milking our family milk cow each morning, and daily chicken chores, dry and comfortable protection for your feet is a must!

You want quality farm boots that are waterproof, durable, flexible, and comfortable both year round and all day. Finding any old boot may not cut it. You need a brand you can trust!

milking cow in the rain in hisea boots
Milking on a rainy day… waterproof boots are a must!

I have had a pair of Muck Chore boots for the past 3 years. Joelle has had a pair of Bogs.

Muck and Bogs are the main names in farm boots and have been for decades. For good reason; we’ve had great experiences with ours.

But with both pairs at or nearing their end of life, we came across a new player in the farm boot game—HISEA.

Our Introduction to HISEA Boots

I wore my Muck boots hard.

Over a couple years they were in desperate need of replacement. The rubber base was cracked through, the neoprene linings had a few large holes ripped through them, and they were now anything but waterproof. 

worn out muck chore boots
My old worn out Muck Chore boots

That was when a company called HISEA reached out to us about their farm boots and offered us a pair to test out.

Yes, please!

We went on to learn that HISEA (pronounced, “Hi-Sea”) was founded in 2011 with a commitment to durable, high performing farm, work, and outdoor footwear products at an affordable price.

After using them around our homestead for the last several months, we are excited to share our full HISEA boots review and compare them against our experience with Mucks and Bogs.

Full disclosure—we accepted their boots with no strings attached. This review is 100% voluntary.

We made it clear from the start that we would only promote their products if they lived up to our standards of quality and performance.

So, let’s get on with the review!

HISEA Boots Review | HISEA vs. Muck vs. Bogs

Whether you are replacing your old farm boots or new to purchasing farm boots, we wanted to frame this review to be as practical and all-encompassing as possible.

First of all, you are probably wondering which boots we are testing. Here is the list:

HISEA Men’s Neoprene Rubber Work Boot
Muck Men’s Chore Tall Boot
HISEA Women’s Barn Boot
Bogs Women’s Classic II Tall Farm Boot

The men’s HISEA Work Boot and the Muck Chore Boot are an exact comp. And the women’s HISEA Barn Boot and the Bogs Farm Boot are an exact comp.

hisea waterproof farm boots review

Here are the categories we will be reviewing each brand of boot by:

  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Socks
  • Looks
  • Fit
  • Warranty
  • Availability
  • Values

This review will not be overly technical. You can go to each company’s website and learn more about the specs, materials, and technology each employs.

Bottom line, we tested out how well these boots perform, day in and day out, during normal farm tasks and workloads.

We’ll discuss how well each boot performed in the listed categories and let you know the winner we selected in each.


HISEA: Right off the bat, you notice that HISEA’s boots are very affordable. Especially if you’ve been a prior Muck or Bogs wearer. HISEA’s boots typically run in the $50-75 range. We have not yet seen sales on their site—just one low everyday price. Plus, it’s easy to find HISEA promo codes (like ours “FROMSCRATCH” that gives you 15% off your entire order)!

Muck: The comparable Muck Chore Boot ($145) retails for over double what the HISEA Work Boot ($57.99) retails for. Muck does offer higher end boot options with features like steel toes or more breathable materials that will quickly get you into the $200 price range. To be fair, you can find Muck Boots marked down throughout the season—I recall seeing Chore boots for around $80 during a Black Friday sale. But you’ll still be paying more than the HISEA equivalent. 

Bogs: Bogs will put you in about the same price range as Muck. Joelle’s HISEA Barn Boots retail at $49.99 where the Bogs Farm Boots retail at $140. With 15% off the HISEA’s, that’s nearly 3 times the cost! The Bogs website does run frequent sales making them more affordable.


HISEA takes the price category, hands down. We have not seen better value out there when it comes to farm boots. If Muck and Bogs could claim their boots last 2 or 3 times longer than HISEA’s, then maybe there’s a case for the extra cost. But experience tells us that farm boots go through the extremes regardless and only last so long. We’ll gladly take a 50% or better cost savings with HISEA any day of the week.


HISEA: Joelle and I both noticed something right away when we put on our HISEA boots—the soft, cushiony feel. I likened it to my HISEA boots wearing more like a gym shoe than a boot. Plus, they are lightweight. Joelle’s HISEA’s are only slightly lighter than her BOGS. But I notice a significant weight reduction in my HISEA boots compared to my Mucks. The sole is also noticeably more flexible than either of the Mucks or Bogs we own, which gives you more agility for tasks that involve bending over and squatting—i.e. gardening!

planting seeds by hand in the garden

Muck: My Muck Chore boots feel bulky and heavy to wear. I didn’t notice it as drastically until trying out my HISEA boots. But now I’d always choose the HISEA boots when going out for chores or a project. The soles on Muck boots are very stiff. This is nice for some tasks, like stepping in fence posts. But I’ve often found it leading to sore spots on my feet.

Bogs: Joelle has been very satisfied overall with the comfort her Bogs offer. We also have Bogs for all of our children and they wear them often without complaints. The Bogs don’t have as cushiony of a soul as HISEA does. And their sole is also on the stiffer side.

waterproof farm boots from bogs
Bogs boots for our kids we found second hand.


HISEA. Comfort is another category where we noticed HISEA to have a sizable advantage in. They offer that “gym shoe” like feel for all day comfort. I never wanted to wear my Muck Chore boots for all day projects. But I’ve had no problem slipping on my HISEA’s for whatever the day holds in store.


HISEA: We’ll admit, with only a several month test window (compared to a couple years with Mucks and Bogs), our review of HISEA’s durability is inconclusive. But some reviewers from the HISEA website claim their boots are still holding up great after purchasing as early as 2021! So far, the boots have the same high quality, durable feel we’d expect from either Muck or Bogs and we expect them to last for years.

Muck: Somewhere between year 1-2, the neoprene lining started tearing away from the rubber base on my Muck Chore boots. Somewhere between year 2-3 the rubber bases started cracking all the way through. They received heavy use during those years, but I remember being surprised that they were already starting to fail and going to need replacement. Putting my Mucks side-by-side with my HISEA’s, I don’t feel Muck has any advantage in durability.

Bogs: Joelle’s Bogs still look great and are fully intact after about 3 years of use. They definitely still have life left in them. Her day to day outdoor workload is also on the lighter side, which helps them last longer. Overall, the Bogs Farm Boots and the HISEA Barn Boots seem very comparable in terms of durability.

womens bogs farm boots
Women’s Bogs Farm Boots that are about 3 years old.


HISEA. We say this, not conclusively, but optimistically after reviewing the craftsmanship of all 3 brands of boots and seeing how the HISEA’s have held up during their first few months of use. We can update this after more times ha passed. But as for now, we see no reason why our HISEA’s shouldn’t last as long, or longer, than our comparable pairs of Mucks and Bogs.


HISEA: You won’t find a ton of bells and whistles from HISEA. Just practical, low cost boots. The step tab on the heel for hands free removal on my HISEA Work Boots is a nice touch. Plus Joelle really likes the top handles on her Barn Boots for easily sliding them on. They have a 5mm neoprene lining for insulation that is comfort rated down to 14°F. Plus, they offer a 2mm breathable lining that claims to be, “the fabric that keeps high-end running shoes cool and dry.”

heel step tab on hisea boots for hands free removal

Muck: Muck highlights a more heavy duty construction in their design. Like triple rubber toe reinforcement, quadruple rubber heel reinforcement, and a steel shank for structural support. If a heavy duty boot is what you’re after, then Muck might be your best bet. But, as noted above, these tough qualities tend to detract from their overall comfort. Plus, Muck misses on some features that both HISEA and Bogs offer like the heel step tab and the handles at the top. Their 5mm neoprene lining claims a comfort rating to “sub freezing” temps plus they offer their own breathable mesh lining. 

Bogs: Bogs offer the thickest neoprene lining at 7mm and are rated down to -40°F. This is a big advantage over HISEA and Muck, especially if you’re in a colder climate. A separate breathable inner lining helps wick away moisture. They offer a nylon shank in the midsole for support and stability. Grip handles are available in both their women’s and men’s boot lineups, which is a nice touch. And many of their boots also offer the heel step tab for hands free removal.


BOGS—by a slight edge. All three companies claim to be 100% waterproof, which we have found to be accurate. If price is factored in, I’d probably give that edge to HISEA, who still offers many of the same design features at a highly reduced price. 

And some of the Pros/Cons in this category should be weighed alongside your personal use and application. For instance, I personally like that my HISEA boots are not as thickly lined since I wear them all year long,  and they’re comfortable even during the summer months. During the winter, I can always add an extra layer of socks if needed. Or, if you’re doing really heavy duty farm projects all the time, then Muck boots might be the right option for you.


Yes, we’re including a “Socks” category! As we’ve found out, not all brands of farm boots play nicely with socks.

HISEA: After several months of heavy testing, our HISEA boots have not worn through any pairs of socks.

Muck: One winter while wearing my Muck Chore Boots, I completely ran out of socks and had to purchase more. The boots were wearing through the heel of my socks at an alarming rate. Nearly a pair a week! I’ve since seen other reviews of Muck boots that both the heel inside the boot and the heel of accompanying socks can quickly wear through. This may have been somewhat unique to my foot and how I walk/wear them. But sending some 15 pairs of socks with giant holes in them to the trash that were in otherwise good condition is not cost effective any way you slice it.

socks with holes worn in the heels from muck boots
15 or so pairs of socks with worn out heels from Muck Chore boots.

Bogs: We have had no sock casualties with our Bogs to report of.


HISEA & Bogs. Really, Muck just gets a big red X in this category. Maybe they’ve resolved this design flaw or it won’t be an issue for you. But it’s been enough for me to want to move on from my Muck Chore Boots.


HISEA: The lineup HISEA offers is bare bones. There’s no getting around it. Their boots are not going to be the most stylish out there. Nor will you find the biggest selection (we actually found this somewhat refreshing). That said, they still look like a well-built farm boot. And they do offer a decent variety of different colors and patters. There are some especially cute options in their Women’s Barn Boots.

Muck: My older Muck boots look on par with my HISEA replacements. But Muck has since upped their game and now offers boots that have a somewhat improved aesthetic to them. If you expand beyond their farm lineup, Muck does offer pretty stylish footwear options. Overall, I give them a slight advantage over HISEA in looks, but not by much.

Bogs: In my mind, Bogs steal the show when it comes to appearance. Their boots just look cool. And they offer the largest selection of designs and patterns if you’re looking for something a little more fashionable—primarily in their women’s boots. While their standard Tall Work Boots look better than both the HISEA and Muck equivalent, there’s only so much you can do to add some flare to a work boot.

waterproof farm boots from bogs


Bogs. If I were choosing boots based on looks alone, I’d choose Bogs every time. They pair fashion and performance very well. HISEA and Muck to me have a bit more of a utilitarian look—not bad, just part of comparing farm boots.


HISEA: I’ve found my size 13 HISEA boots to be a spot on fit. Joelle says her size 9 HISEA Barn Boots run slightly larger than her Bogs do. Some reviews on the HISEA website also confirmed that their boots seemed to run slightly large in size. Though most did not mind since farm boots are often worn with thick socks. The boots slide on and off easily and the neoprene uppers offer plenty of extra space and flexibility in the calf.

womens hisea barn boots with handles

Muck: My size 13 Mucks have been spot on. I do find it a bit more difficult to take off my Mucks versus my HISEA’s (especially since they lack the little heel step tab for hands-free removal). The flexible neoprene upper has a very similar size and feel to my HISEA boots and flex well while never feeling constrictive. 

Bogs: Like the Mucks, we’ve found our Bogs to run true to size. They have had no issues sliding on and off easily and also offer ample space and comfort in the calf area.


DRAW. Honestly, fit can be somewhat subjective and is unique for each person. This style of farm boots is designed to slip on and be a very universal fit. And that’s what we’ve found from each brand—without any performance advantage or disadvantage to note in this category.


HISEA: HISEA offers a Lifetime Warranty (or 100-years) on all their boots. If the product ever fails from manufacturing or materials defect, they offer a one-time replacement on every pair of boots purchased for 100 years. Plus, they guarantee their boots last, even due to wear and tear, for a 1 year period. If the boots don’t last one year for whatever reason, they’ll replace them.

Muck: Muck has a standard warranty covering defective materials and manufacturing for one year. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on their boots.

Bogs: Like Muck, Bogs offers a one-year guarantee that their products will be free from workmanship and material defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered.


HISEA. Hands down, HISEA’s warranty is fantastic! It’s rare to find a warranty anywhere that offers that degree of longevity and support. This, to me, is proof that the company really believes in and stands behind their products.

mens hisea neoprene work boots in blue


HISEA: Availability for HISEA boots is limited to online ordering. You won’t find them in retail stores. That said, our ordering and shipping experience with them was quick and seamless. Free shipping is available if you sign up for their HISEA Adventurers program. Those of us who want to try on a physical pair or boots prior to purchasing may be disappointed here. But they do offer a 30 day free return if the product doesn’t fit or meet your expectations. 

Muck: Muck has been around a long time and their boots are commonly found in farm and outdoor stores. You can check out their retail locator to find locations near you. Their boots can also be purchased online through the Muck Boots website, where free shipping is offered on orders over $75, along with free returns. 

Bogs: Bogs are also found in many retail locations across the country—check their store locator. The Bogs website offers free shipping on most of their boots (excludes sale items) along with free returns.


MUCK & BOGS. Having the ability to try on your footwear in advance definitely has its advantages. That said, online ordering with free returns can also offer convenience. All three companies have great online ordering options. 

kids snow and rain boots from bogs


In our view, no product review is complete without a look at some of the intangible qualities of each brand. Their commitment to quality over profit. Their overall footprint and environmental impact. Simply put, their values.

HISEA: When perusing the HISEA About Page, their values statements are simple and straightforward. Their goal is high quality and competitive outdoor footwear at affordable prices with exceptional customer service and warranty. They also clearly state that their products are designed in the US and manufactured in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. No mention is made of the sustainability of their materials or practices of their suppliers.

Muck: Mucks marketing wants to capture the essence of hardworking, rural America and offering equally hardworking, protective, and productive boots. Since I couldn’t find it on their website, I needed to do a Google search to discover most of their products are made in China. Evidently Muck started as an American made boot company, but switched to being made in China when purchased by Honeywell. To me, this doesn’t exactly line up with the American pride message they convey. There also is no noteworthy commitment to sustainable sourcing or practices on Muck’s website.

Bogs: Bogs carries a different tune when it comes to values. Each boot comes with a promise that they are actively seeking to lower their carbon “bootprint” by using the best practices in the industry. Their sustainability efforts include algae-based EVA footbeds, Yulex natural rubber that is sustainably harvested, and factories that minimize waste by using as much as 40% post-industrial recycled material. Like Muck, Bogs also does not make it clear on their website where their products are manufactured. Their Oregon based headquarters handles the designs and they do make it clear that Supply Chain Transparency is a value. Google tells me their boots are manufactured in the Dominican Republic and China. I did find one article from 2012 that Bogs was exploring an Oregon based manufacturing option but nothing seems to have materialized. 


Bogs. They are clearly leading the pack in sustainably sourced materials and production methods for their boots. Though, it is still a major disappointment to me that, while these companies supply working footwear to the heartbeat of rural America, none of them offer any American-made boot options.

Our Favorite Farm Boots??

So who is our overall winner and what boot company will we be supporting?


We have nothing against Muck or Bogs—except maybe the sock thing with Mucks :). But our conclusion is that HISEA offers a very comparable boot a price that can’t be beat.

waterproof farm boots from hisea

Plus, in some categories, like comfort and warranty, they offer a superior advantage. They offer that “gym shoe” like fit and feel that makes all day farm activities very doable.

We’ll keep an open mind to the advances all three companies make over time in regard to performance and values. But for now, we’re happy to have our HISEA boots around the homestead.

And we think you’ll be happy with them too!

HISEA Boots Review | Frequently Asked Questions

Does HISEA make boots for kids?

Yes! And HISEA’s kids boots are very affordable. We have always looked used for farm boots for our kids since sizes change so often. FB Marketplace or thrift stores are our go-to and kids Bogs are what we most commonly find, so that’s what our kids have. We’ll always look used first, but if did need to buy new boots for our children, HISEA’s prices can’t be beat!

Does HISEA make boots other than farm boots?

Yes! They have a full lineup of work boots, rain boots, waders, and work shoes. You can shop by function: Farm & Yard, Garden, Hunting, Work & Safety, Healthcare & Food Service. Or you can shop by styles: Slip Ons, Ankle Boots, Mid-calf Boots, Tall Boots, Leather Boots, Protective Toe, Camouflage, Wide Calf. I’ve linked to all the Men’s options, but they also offer a similar lineup in Women’s

dumping out animal water trough with waterproof boots

Will HISEA really replace my boots under their warranty?

Yes. Each pair of HISEA boots, “owns one replacing opportunity.” To quote HISEA’s Warranty Page, “HISEA lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship, regardless of the age of the product, but it does not cover normal wear and tear. Wear and tear are damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use. We offer a one-year warranty on all HISEA items without any conditions.” Just make sure to register your boots to activate the warranty!

Is there a HISEA boots promo code or coupon?

Yes! Use promo code “FROMSCRATCH” and enjoy 15% off your HISEA order. Their boots are already so reasonably priced and this makes it even more of a deal!

Some of the above links are affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you. We are so appreciative of your support!

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