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My Green Mattress Kiwi Review 2024 (+ Pure Eco Organic Kids Mattress)

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Our budget-conscious family is sold on the Kiwi Mattress! In terms of price and quality, it can’t be beat. This My Green Mattress Kiwi review breaks down why we trust our sleep to My Green Mattress for ourselves and our children.

Are you doing mattress research for your kids? Maybe even yourself? Want something with natural materials and without all the toxic chemicals in conventional mattresses? We hear you! 

After checking out the options, we have been happy My Green Mattress customers since 2019. 

Here’s why…

my green mattress kiwi top bunk

Why invest in an organic mattress?

Early in our real food/natural living journey, we became acutely aware of one simple truth:

Not all things are created equal.

A tomato mass-produced in industrial soils halfway around the world is just not the same as what your local organic farmer can grow.

A natural shampoo bar made with real ingredients can nourish your skin versus the chemical-based alternatives that your body toxically absorbs.

And what about that large soft cushion your body sinks into for 8 hours every day of your life during its most restorative state—sleep?

my green mattress kiwi mattress review

Before we purchased an organic mattress, a podcast we listened to summed it up well. The host shared something to the effect of, “How backward is our society that we’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars on a luxury vehicle that we spend maybe an hour in each day, if that. But when it comes to a mattress we settle for the cheap, toxicity-spewing option that the profit-driven big-name brands pump out of their factories.”

Look into it. Chemical flame retardants. Volatile organic compounds. Harmful chemicals. Off-gassing. Cheap, synthetic, even carcinogenic materials. These are all standard practices in the mattress industry.

So when my wife and I needed a new mattress of our own, we sought out a different path.

We searched high and low. Ultimately, one company offered the quality we were seeking at a price we could afford: My Green Mattress

Why We Love the Kiwi!

We purchased our queen-sized latex My Green Mattress in 2019 and have loved it! It’s the perfect balance of firm and soft, with lots of support. And peace of mind that you’re not inviting unwelcome materials and chemicals inside your home—or your body!

So, when our daughter outgrew her toddler bed, we were happy to give My Green Mattress our business again.

We purchased the Kiwi Organic Mattress for her, which was very affordable.

She loved it!

Several months later we did a kid’s room makeover and surprised the kiddos with bunk beds as an early Christmas gift. So, we also purchased the Kiwi Organic Bunk Bed Mattress (now called the Pure Eco Kids Organic Mattress) which is specifically designed for top bunks, lofted beds, or trundles. This video shows some more of that transformation.

Quality sleep is a BIG priority for our family and organic mattresses for each of us has been such a worthwhile investment. 

What is a Kiwi Organic Mattress by My Green Mattress?

The Kiwi Organic Mattress is a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses have a supportive coil base with layers of certified organic Dunlop latex on top.

If you hear the word latex and think of those unnatural-seeming blue gloves commonly used in a doctor’s office, you’re not far off. However, most latex is combined with synthetics or chemicals. But its origins are quite natural.

Pure latex comes from the sap of a rubber tree. And this is the latex that My Green Mattress uses allowing it to earn the GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certification. It’s truly free from chemicals, synthetics, or other man-made products.

my green mattress organic hybrid mattress

Similarly, each mattress is covered with durable, yet breathable, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic wool and cotton.

You can find the Kiwi Organic Mattress in a full range of sizes from twin up to California King. 

The Pure Eco Organic Kids Mattress is a similar option that comes in a slimmer profile for things like bunk beds.

The Kiwi Organic Mattress is truly a safe, sustainable, and natural mattress option for the whole family!

Our My Green Mattress Kiwi Review

We get it. A mattress is a big and long-term investment. You want to make the right choice. We’re not trying to sell you anything. So here are the Pros and Cons we’ve seen from using the Kiwi Organic Mattress.



As noted above, My Green Mattress cuts no corners when it comes to natural standards. GOTS, GOLS, Greenguard Gold. The organic materials—including organic wool, certified organic cotton, and organic Dunlop latex—that My Green Mattress uses for all their products are of the highest standard. No formaldehyde, flame retardants, or volatile organic compounds that have become the industry standard.


Organic mattresses can be expensive! We researched the gamete. The Kiwi Organic Mattress is among the most affordable organic mattress options without any reduction of standards or quality. The Kiwi starts at $799 (twin) and the Pure Eco Organic Kids Mattress is $599. But keep an eye out for really great sales! Especially around holidays.

kiwi organic mattress with organic protector


We all love the comfort and support of our My Green Mattress. The natural latex layers form your body just right, adapting to all body types and sleeping positions. The coils on the Kiwi give added support. It’s the perfect blend of firm yet cushiony. It’s almost refreshing to not have to select a firmness—especially when purchasing a mattress for two! From side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers—everyone will be comfortable on a My Green Mattress.

Long Lasting

Right when you unbox your Kiwi Organic Mattress and run your hand over the organic wool and cotton cover you can feel the difference. The button-tufted design is cute and functional to ensure longevity. These mattresses are an investment that will grow with your kids and family over the long haul.


There are a lot of things we don’t love about the shipping industry. But let’s face it, for some items it just makes sense. A mattress might make the best case! All 3 of our My Green Mattress purchases arrived within a few days and it sure beats trying to figure out how to safely strap a mattress to the roof of your car or jam it inside a van or SUV. And if you’re at all uneasy about receiving a shipped mattress (like I was!) – don’t be! They come shrink-wrapped inside a compact box that is much easier to move into your room than an unboxed mattress. Plus, they offer free shipping via FedEx to all 48 contiguous US states.

kiwi organic mattress review


All mattresses from My Green Mattress come with a 20-Year Limited Mattress Warranty. This tells me two things: 1) they’re a company that believes in their products, and 2) they’re a company that stands behind their products. You should check out the warranty terms on their site, but that’s a heck of a warranty to offer on any product. We know we can trust a product to last when it comes with a 20-year warranty.

United States Made

We were so thrilled when we found out that their mattresses are produced right in our home state of Illinois. And no need to fret about the uncertainties of overseas standards. Being USA-made assures that their facilities are held to the highest of standards to live up to their reputation for quality, natural products. The My Green Mattress factory is family-owned and operated, as well as a GOTS and GOLS-certified organic factory.


Not Spring Free

Those looking for the most natural and health-promoting mattress option might be turned off by the addition of metal coils in the Kiwi Organic Mattress. This is due to research showing that coil springs within a spring mattress may pick up and amplify EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) which can be particularly harmful during sleep. This is one of the reasons my wife and I originally purchased the Hope latex mattress that is completely coil-free.

That said, we have also loved the hybrid design of the Kiwi Organic Mattress. The coil support makes for a super comfy and supportive night’s sleep at an affordable price!

My Green Mattress Queen Hope Latex

Bulky (yet flexible!)

Moving your My Green Mattress Kiwi can be a bit awkward. Because of the latex they are on the heavier side and don’t hold their shape particularly well when lifted. There are also no handles or grips to speak of built into the sides of the mattress. 

We’ve found it easiest to always have at least 2 people moving the mattress into place once it’s unboxed. However, I and my 6 month pregnant wife were still fairly easily able to hoist the Pure Eco Organic Kids Mattress onto our child’s top bunk. The benefit of the flexibility is that you can bend/maneuver the mattress with ease through hallways, entries, and staircases.

My Green Mattress Kiwi Review – FAQ’s

Is the Organic Cotton Protector worth it?

Yes! We have purchased the Organic Cotton Protector for all three of our mattresses. This waterproof top-layer cover has a remarkably high-quality feel to it. Any organic mattress will not be cheap and this protector is like an extra layer of insurance for your investment. For kids, we’ve found the organic cotton cover to be a must-have. And even for adults you never know what might happen or spill in bed. If you’re in the more naturally minded community, home birth might be an option for you. The Organic Cotton Protector helped put me at ease that our mattress would be kept clean and safe during home births.

kiwi organic twin mattress with protector

How about other My Green Mattress Accessories?

Honestly, we don’t have personal experience with their sheets or other accessories. But, based on our experience with the protector and their mattresses, we feel confident in the overall quality of the products My Green Mattress offers. It only makes sense if you’re investing in an organic mattress to pair it with quality Organic Cotton Sheets. They also make a Charcoal Infused Organic Latex Pillow or an Organic Latex Topper to give some extra comfort or help give you a more natural night’s sleep on an existing mattress.

Is there a sleep trial and return policy?

Yes. My Green Mattress offers a 365 Night Sleep Trial. That is a substantial amount of time to give your mattress a test ride. And again, it speaks to the confidence they have in their products and belief that you as a customer will love it. We have not returned a mattress but trust they’ll honor the trial period and make things right.

Are Kiwi Organic Mattresses One-Sided or Two-Sided?

Both! The standard is a one-sided mattress. But for an extra fee, you can get a two-sided mattress with a finished top and bottom. We have only gotten one-sided mattresses and have been very happy with them. But, if you prefer the extra rotating capability of a two-sided mattress, you can easily add it for a small fee when purchasing.

kiwi organic bunk bed mattress

How do I maintain my Kiwi Mattress?

My Green Mattress recommends your mattress be rotated every month for the first three months. After that, you can reduce the rotation to seasonally or every 3 months. We don’t quite hold to that rigid of a schedule, but rotating it helps keep your mattress fresh and free from body impressions. If you have a two-sided mattress then you flip it (instead of rotate it) on the same schedule.

Does My Green Mattress make other mattresses besides the Kiwi?

Yes! The Kiwi Organic Mattress is the most affordable, but they make a higher-end hybrid mattress option with even more layers of latex and support called the Natural Escape Mattress. As we mentioned above, there is also the lower profile Pure Eco Organic Kids Mattress that is also a great option for kids and ideal for bunk beds and trundles. The Emily Organic Crib Mattress is a fantastic organic option for cribs and toddler beds.

Don’t forget to use “fromscratch” for $25 off a twin or larger mattress and $20 off the Emily Organic crib mattress!

My Green Mattress is a company we have promoted to friends and family for years. We are happy to do so now as an affiliate with My Green Mattress. This means we earn a small commission when purchases are made through our affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for your support

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