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Ozonated Olive Oil for Eczema – Before and After

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When our two-year-old developed a stubborn case of eczema that wouldn’t heal no matter what we tried, we were feeling desperate to give him some relief. Finally, the combination of a couple simple changes including using ozonated olive oil for his eczema made all of the difference! 

Our Eczema Story

We are all about the natural around here. 

When it comes to skin care, we make our own tallow balm, homemade sunscreen, and magnesium lotion from high quality and locally sourced ingredients. And a switch to eating real, nutrient dense foods changed our lives forever and allowed Jim and I to overcome many health challenges naturally. 

So, when our young son developed signs of eczema, I was immediately on high alert. From what I know about eczema, I instantly thought gut healing was in order. 

He was already eating a nutrient dense real food diet. But knowing that gluten and dairy can often be eczema triggers, we cut those out of his diet.

The eczema symptoms would ebb and flow but certainly never cleared up when we removed those foods.

childhood eczema on back and neck
Early eczema symptoms on our 2 year old.

Then we entered an extremely stressful time as a family where a few days after my due date, I broke my ankle in two places. His whole world (as well as that of our whole family) was turned upside down. Thankfully, with the help and support of many friends and family members, we made it through and welcomed his baby sister into the world a week later.

However, through this stretching time and the weeks that followed, his eczema worsened significantly—especially on his back but also spreading to his legs and arms. As would be expected, he began scratching like crazy, only making things worse.

During this time, we relied heavily on the generous meals brought to us by our amazing community. However, these meals were often different than we were accustomed to eating, sometimes heavy in gluten and dairy. 

I assumed that the worsening of his eczema was due to our change in diet and, once I was able, went back to eliminating these foods. However, even after removing gluten and dairy, his eczema was at an all time high with no improvement.

painful and itchy eczema on child
Our son’s eczema when it was near its worst.

Trying Everything

At this point we began to try anything and everything to give him relief. 

We were lathering him in tallow balm or bee pollen salves.
There is a wet suit designed to help with eczema and keep kids from itching.
We were eliminating all major allergens from his diet.

No matter what we tried, it just seemed to be getting worse.

A Turning Point

Within a day or two of each other both our pediatrician and a friend had suggested that we try ozonated olive oil

ozonated olive oil for eczema

At the same time, I had an “AHA!!” moment. 

Everything had worsened when I broke my leg, had a baby, and he went through a time of extreme stress and change. While I attributed his worsening symptoms to food, what if it was just the stress of it all? 

As if a new baby and mommy being down for the count wasn’t enough, it was confusing for him to understand why his meals always looked different and he wasn’t able to eat the raw cheese and sour cream the rest of us were sprinkling on our chili. It was stressful!

Within the same week we incorporated two changes:

  1. We did everything we could to create calm and normalcy in his life. I went back to creating the routines that he was used to with diaper changes and bed times. He ate all the same foods that the rest of the family was eating. In spite of the limitations that having a new baby with a broken leg brings, we were intentional about spending one-on-one time with him and letting him know that we were there for him and loved him.
  2. We purchased and began using ozonated olive oil on his eczema.

And miraculously, things started improving—almost overnight. Within a week, his eczema looked 90% better than it had previously.

using ozonated olive oil on child with eczema
About 1 week after we started using ozonated olive oil and de-stressing!

Now, a month later, things are continuing to improve. We’re not at 100% yet. But we are definitely getting there. 

And finally, it feels like we have the right tools to help him. And that is so empowering!

Ozonated Olive Oil or Stress Relief for Eczema

So, was it the stress or the ozonated olive oil that helped his eczema? I think both.

You always hear, you can’t out supplement a bad habit—diet, sleep, sunlight, etc. But supplements can definitely help offer support.

From the very first time we put the ozonated olive oil on him before bed, he woke up with it looking much better than it had the night before. It was clearly having an impact on healing his skin.

ozonated olive oil on eczema before and after

However, when he is under stress, his coping mechanism is to scratch all over. We had to both heal his skin and minimize those stressful moments for him to really give his body the ability to heal.

In order to do that, both the ozonated olive oil and stress reduction gave him what he needed to experience immense healing from his eczema symptoms.

What is Ozone Therapy and Ozonated Olive Oil?

When our pediatrician first suggested ozonated olive oil, I brushed it off. It felt like we had already used every cream and oil under the sun, including straight up olive oil. I was tired of spending more money on more things that weren’t helping.

But then a friend shared her experience using ozonated olive oil for persistent dermatitis. She explained how it was the only thing that helped her. 

pur03 ozonated oilve oil jar

I was feeling more convinced to try it but I had no idea what ozonated olive oil was or how it could be helpful for eczema.

Ozone is activated oxygen. It has 3 oxygen atoms instead of the standard 2 in pure oxygen gas. In more natural spaces, ozone therapy has been known to treat many complicated health conditions like autoimmune diseases, cancers, or skin infections.

To make ozonated oils, the activated oxygen (o3) is funneled and infused into the desired raw oils making it ozonated.

Ozonated oils have been found to be a powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, making it excellent for wound healing and skin care.

History of Ozonated Olive Oil

Ozone therapy has been around for at least 150 years and ozonated olive oil specifically was approved by the surgeon general for healing over 100 years ago. In fact, Nicola Tesla was one of the first to sell ozonated olive oil in pharmacies.

Over the last century, many of these natural remedies—including ozonated olive oil—have been pushed out and replaced. But, in recent years, they are making a comeback. 

4 oz jar of ozonated olive oil for eczema

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the shelf life of ozonated olive oil? 

From my research, oils actually become more stable once ozonated and when refrigerated can last up to 10 years.

What is the texture of ozonated olive oil? 

As opposed to olive oil coming in a liquid, ozonated olive oil has the texture of a cream or gel making it easy to spread on the skin without making a mess.

pur03 ozonated olive oil for healing eczema

What brand of ozonated olive oil would you recommend? 

While I think there are a few good companies out there, we only have experience using PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil for eczema and would highly recommend it. We reached out to the company and you can use “FROMSCRATCH10” to get 10% off of your order. You can find out more about PurO3 and their products here.

Does PurO3 make other ozonated oils?

Yes! In addition to ozonated olive oil, PurO3 makes ozonated coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, hemp oil, avocado oil, and castor oil. PurO3 also makes beauty products such as deodorant and soaps as well as products for oral hygiene, sun repair, and bug bites.

Where can I learn more about ozone therapy and ozonated oils? 

There isn’t a ton of information out there on this topic. But here are a couple of resources I found helpful:

On Your Eczema Journey

Eczema can be an extremely frustrating and nuanced condition with so many potential culprits from products or environmental factors to food allergies and stress. Our hope in sharing our story is to share what worked for us in hopes that it will be helpful to those also struggling.

We are not medical professionals and always recommend you consult with your pediatrician before trying something new. But we’d love to hear your story—both struggles and successes—so we can all learn and benefit here together!

Some of the above links are affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you. We are so appreciative of your support!

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  1. Hello! I just ordered several items from PureO3 and also got the 10% off. I have dealt with some eczema due to food & stress issues, though most of mine has been food related. Since I have used O3 products a long time ago, I decided it was time to start using them again. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Also thought you might want to check out Ryan and Teddy Sternangle’s website. Though the main focus originally of their materials was fighting cancer for their youngest son, their son also had a SUPER severe case of eczema and they have info. regarding that as well many other natural living topics that you might find helpful. There are several cool “free” online seminars that I have listened to over the last few years that I learned from too. I do remember that the skin microbiome can be an issue that needs to be fixed to fully heal and things like histamine issues and staph infections are part of it as well. Just throwing things out there that you might be able to run with!!! I also loved your article about the chicken tractor!


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